Help missing tortoise


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Nov 24, 2014
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UK Sheffield
Where I live the houses are in a square. As I come out of my back gate there are houses to the left (their front gardens) with a pavement straight ahead. The car park is the main square that the houses either back onto as mine does or face as those behind me do. There are pathways to the left heading to another part of the estate and pavement to the right heading toward the road in then greenery! No signs today either :(
Can you post a photo of the h Arden in question do we can all help.


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Aug 25, 2016
If it's a tort who likes to bury herself, as some species do, she most probably spent the effort digging in rather than finding that only way out. There are many stories here on the forum about torts missing for days only to emerge from their underground hides as if nothing happened. Do keep us posted about your search progress!
Yes I will. I'll be shouting from rooftops if it comes out of hiding lol. :)

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