Hello! Need some advice for a Hermann......


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Aug 19, 2019
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Hi. I have a Hermann who was given to me with little instructions. He is 2 years old, he seems quite healthy except for a little pyramiding. However, I am trying to replace his UV lamp because the vet told me to change it out every six months. This poor Hermann is housed in a 40 gallon glass aquarium (not for long, I am having a wooden enclosure built for him). The UV light is a T8 24 inch 17 watt bulb. I went to the pet store and could not find a single reptile uv lamp that is this same size. However, I did find an AQUARIUM bulb that fits. But I'm worried this aquarium bulb is not what my Hermann needs. Can I use an aquarium UV bulb for a tortoise enclosure??? Please help. Thank you.


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Oct 14, 2017
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Palm Bay Fl
Welcome and thanks for giving your tort the care it will need.
It's better to ask your questions here and get the correct answer.
STAY away from pet stores for advice.
Pics of your new family member would be great.
Go to species, find your species in the drop down. There will be threads on how to care for your tort. Ask all the questions you need to.

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