Hatchling Opening Mouth During Soaks


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Apr 3, 2021
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Hello Everyone!


So I'm new to reptile 'motherhood' as a whole and I got my baby Redfoot Heidi a little over a week ago (she's about a month old). She's been eating normally and hiding as is normal for her age. She seems healthy and sassy lol but my only concern is her occasional mouth opening. First off, I want to say that she has only opened her mouth during soaks. However, I am still concerned because I do not want to fail her. I feel like water may have briefly gotten in her nose during soaks because after a few seconds she will simply go back to her regular nasal breathing. Humidity levels and temperature are as they should be. Please let me know what you all think. Thank you! ALSO she will literally dunk her head under water to drink now and then and it freaks me out every single time!!! The first time she did it I thought she decided that this world did not deserve her lmao. The water is shallow but she still tries to give me a scare from time to time! Is this okay??
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