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Jan 4, 2009
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FunnyGirl said:
I have got to say that I love "psycho tortoise lady" and your dog named Puppadog!

Well Puppadog and I thank you. :D I don't know what we did but happy to be here.



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Apr 20, 2009
tortoisenerd said:
Hi Valerie. I also live in the PNW and have Russian Tortoise. I can give you a couple tips for food. As said, mixing in the good stuff in small amount with the Romaine may get them eating better. Just slowly increase the quantity of healthy greens. The following stuff is good for the Russian, but you need to check for the DT and unknown species (post the pics of Switch in a new thread under General Discussion for identification).

If you go to Whole Foods, PCC, Trader Joes, H Mart (Lynnwood), Pike Place Market, and some of the grocery stores around Seattle, there are a lot of tortoise yummies. I try to buy organic, but it doesn't always work. I buy spring mix every week (usually from Trader Joes as it is $2 a bag, or else I get the bulk stuff at any grocery store and just get a little for my hatchling), and mix in one or more of these in addition to round it out. Most of the stuff listed is to be fed in smaller quantities due to oxalic acid and other factors, but I won't go into specifics. Look at; I'm just trying to be location-specific for you as I drove all over town at first trying to find stuff. Now I know what to buy where while we're already out and about.

-radish sprouts from H Mart in Lynnwood (my tort's favorite food by far)
-greens from beets or radishes
-dandelion greens from Whole Foods (only place I've found them)
-mustards greens, sold all over
-my tort doesn't like collard greens but they are also easy to find
-a very small amount of kale (if you can find it by the lb at PCC that is good, although mine stopped carrying it by the lb)
-turnip greens (only found them at Super Walmart so far)
-curly endive is one of the most nutritious "regular" lettuces
-squash (once a week max)

The russian definitely shouldn't get fruit. Good job on spotting that and not just following the advice! and posts on this site can give you other ideas of what to try.

Also, I grow stuff from seeds. It grows very slowly here, but I could speed it up with heating/lighting. I have stuff from Carolina Pet Supply (and online store) and regular seeds: beet greens, baby lettuce, turnip greens, grasses, weeds, clover, etc.

Best wishes!

Thanks! I have been feeding T dandelions from my back yard. I went to the store this morning to see if I could find some of the stuff you guys have listed and ended up being confused by the signs. I do know what spring mix is though and will try getting some of that but found it to be a tad expensive at Top Foods! I love radishes so I hope that the torts will eat the leaves. I used to just chop them up and dispose of them.

One thing I noticed that no one has mentioned is calliflower? ET loves it! He loves all things white (hence, my toes and Funny's tail!) What about that? I also feed a bit of zucinni once in a while. Does that fit in the squash category?

I am so glad to have found you guys and am excited about trying new things.

Dawna- part of what I do is train dogs and I have to say, Puppadog is one of the best names I have heard!

Off to post ID pictures of Switch - who I just found out the gal I got him from was told was the Russian. :)
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