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Aldabra squiggly lines on shell- shell rot?

Discussion in 'Aldabra tortoises' started by TortyDxb, Mar 9, 2019.

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  1. TortyDxb

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    Dec 20, 2017
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    8B20D022-34A0-4FB2-A455-9F143412D10B.jpeg 8B20D022-34A0-4FB2-A455-9F143412D10B.jpeg C151B064-C3D0-47B4-B738-662C897FA705.jpeg @ALDABRAMAN @Yvonne G @Tom hope you all are doing well!

    I need a bit of expert input Re the photos, and I also thought putting these photos up might be helpful for future reference (as they contrast very well I feel).

    Could you take a look and give your opinion- whenever is convenient of course Thank you

    The two Aldabras are in same set up and diet etc.

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