2.5 gallon betta tank algae


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Mar 20, 2015
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wales uk
Hi iv kept fish for about 7 years and one thing I found which contributes to algae blooms is to large a water change only 10 % is needed and only use RO water in the tank and for water changes because tap water is high in fosfates which also contributes to it overstocked tank daylight hours to long 8 hours more than enough and light intensity there is a formula for wattage to the depth of your tank but on the plus side some algae is healthy for your tank some fish like to eat algae good luck hope this info helps oh and another thing don't remove the substrate to clean just siphon off the top you'll release bad toxins into the water and use tank water to clean filter media tap water will kill beneficial bacteria off the media which is not good polishing pads to go in the filter are good to

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