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  1. ayrgrn

    Vivarium for yearling tort

    Hello, I have a tortoise table that I build for my 1yr 3month old tort it is 4ft by 2ft, I've had my tort since February this year and he seems to be doing just fine, however I am struggling with a small bit of pyramiding due to the low-ish humidity that I cannot really control in a tortoise...
  2. Itsbeacons

    Anyone into Vivariums and Dart Frogs?

    Trying to get a thread going here about these little guys. There's not much talk online about vivariums or darts like there are for tortoises. I'm building a realistic vivarium with Bumble Bee Dart Frogs in them. I just bought an Exo Terra 18x18x24 terrarium for $150 on a 20% coupon, Josh's...
  3. BentoNeko

    Here's my Eastern Boxie Enclosure! How can I improve?

    Hello everyone! Here is a picture of my one year old Eastern box turtles enclosure! I'm wanting to give it a makeover and make it better for her! I was hoping you guys would comment and tell me how i can improve! Her substrate is a mixture of top soil and sand, but I was thinking of adding...
  4. Autiwara

    exo terra large tall (36x18x36/90x45x60) for juvenile red foot??

    I currently have my small red foot tortoise in an exo terra large wide (36x18) but was thinking of switching it out with the large tall, it would still be 36" long but taller so that I could maybe plant some stuff and hang the mvb lamp and CHE inside of the tank by a chain so it wouldn't have to...
  5. Autiwara

    naturalistic indoor enclosure for RF?

    TL;DR wanting to change my setup to something naturalistic, wondering about living peat moss as a bedding. Would it be too wet? My juvenile red foot Clyde is currently living in a 90x45x30 cm which is now only a layer of paper towels, an MVB basking light, a CHE and a dry hide with papertowels...
  6. C

    I need help please.

    So, I'm thinking about getting a red-footed tortoise, and I was wondering how large the vivarium needs to be? I don't want to make it feel cramped!
  7. Z

    Enclosure set up advice

    Hi. I would just like some advice from people with experience keeping red foots. I currently keep my in a extra long under bed storage tub as I found this the best and most cost effective way of being able to create a good humidity for him. The problem I have is that I like to have the lids...
  8. V

    Red foot tortoise enclosure and lighting

    I have a 6 year old red foot tortoise and I'm upgrading her tortoise table, I'm stuck between a table and a vivarium, I know everyone says a table is better and a vivarium can stress tortoises out but vivarium can keep the humidity in. What type of heat bulb would you guys recommend? I made a...
  9. Gerrd21

    Red Foot Vivarium

    Hi! I'm going to get a red foot tortoise, and i really like the idea to create a vivarium for it, I've been researching and came across with the basic of frogs vivariums, so I was wondering if that could apply for this kind of tortoise in particular, here is an image for example:
  10. Merner

    Old Boa vivarium & heater suitable for little tort?

    I just bought a large new vivarium for my little hermann's, she is only a little over 1 year old and about 4 inches. The vivarium is 5 feet long and 2 feet high and wide. The vivarium was 2nd hand, I found it online from someone who kept a Boa constrictor. It has a UV strip already fitted and it...