1. sadid1999

    Is my russian tortoise beak too long? Does he have infection?

    Is his beak getting too long? I have ordered some cuttlebone as i heard this is also good for chewing on to break the beak down?
  2. Domm

    Pink Belly?

    Rex belly is looking a little pink? He’s a 7 month old eastern hermanns
  3. T

    Shell growth, trauma, or rot?

    I’ve had my Russian tortoise for about 3 weeks now and he came with a whole host of issues. I assumed his shell had endured trauma and that’s what these white spots are. They are indented and rough. He also has scratches and cracks all over. Is this shell rot? Or is it just trauma? Will it heal...
  4. T

    Russian Tortoise Respiratory Infection

    I’ve had my adult Russian Tortoise for almost two weeks from Arizona Tortoise Compound and he was very sick when he arrived (I emailed them and that’s another story). Snotty nose, sleeping all day, mucus, sneezing, etc. He eats normal (a lot actually), poops and urinates normal, but drinks his...
  5. A

    Help! Lump under my baby sulcata throat!!

    Hello! I am new here, but I wanted your guys' opinion on my African Sulcata tortoise. So apparently I discovered that whenever my tortoise breathes, his throat gets big. Like a frog, but everything sucks back in once he's done inhaling. Is this normal? I got him from a sketchy reptile store...
  6. X

    baby sulcata dog attack

    my sister left my tortoise outside with her dog and she attacked my sulcate tortoise named Toothpaste. He was apparently upside down for a long time, and when I found him he was COVERED with mud and the top of his shell is dented/cracked a bit and I think some red flesh is coming out...every now...