1. H

    New to forums and torts

    Hello I’m to to forum and the tort game so I’m really hoping I put this in the right spot. I saved this guy/girl from petsmart and it just said “assorted Testudo tortoise” I took him to reptile store and the lady (who looked 12) just said it was a Testudo then. I’ve been doing my own research...
  2. 1FE6869C-1D84-4A47-8578-1366EED96B49.jpeg


    She’s the size of a gum tape roll!
  3. F

    my 19 years old Chaco tortoise, Bureaucracy

    hey everyone! I just discovered this beautiful forum and wanted to introduce my tort :):tort: she's been with me for around 19 years now, I live in Berisso, Argentina. it's very humid here pretty much the entire year. her shell is 23cm long and 16cm wide. I haven't found much information about...
  4. J

    HELP! i've lost my hermann tortoise

    We left our 3 year old hermann tortoise in his run with his companion and we didn't realise there was a small hole in the run luckily only he got out but we have searched the garden a far few times and we have also checked the neighbours garden a few times too and so far no luck we have also...
  5. ayrgrn

    Vivarium for yearling tort

    Hello, I have a tortoise table that I build for my 1yr 3month old tort it is 4ft by 2ft, I've had my tort since February this year and he seems to be doing just fine, however I am struggling with a small bit of pyramiding due to the low-ish humidity that I cannot really control in a tortoise...
  6. E

    New Member

    I've gotten a lot of information from this forum for my sulcata. I've read all kinds of stuff here but just now decided to join. I had one sulcata that died because I didn't know I was being sold a sick baby by a pet store. I spoke with a breeder and she confirmed the baby was sick when I got it...
  7. AllieKat1997

    Ceramic Hide?

    Hello! I was wondering if my tort could have a ceramic hide? It’s a Halloween themed ceramic holder and quite large to fit a tort (though mine is a hatchling tort anyway) I was just wanting to ask before I used it if it would be safe. I know the heat lamps get very hot, like they should, and...
  8. Tsskell

    Lost my tort in hard to find conditions :(

    Had my young russian lost in my grandma's garden. She's like 7 years old and we take her every summer to my grandma's garden. Sometimes she gets lost, but we find her all the time. However it's been like 4 weeks, and we haven't found her directly. During summer she always hibernates, so we are...
  9. Damkri

    Minimum age for Russian Tortoise to hibernate

    Hi what's the minimum age I should hibernate my tortoise? If so, how long for and when in the year? Is it necessary to hibernate my Tortoise. I'm not planning for her to have babies.
  10. Samyak Dadda

    Do Indian Star Tortoises drink water??

    My Indian Star Tortoises have never drank water from a container or when i soak them in warm water. So do they drink water???
  11. Meet Kaia, the explorer :)

    Meet Kaia, the explorer :)

    My baby Greek tort just getting to know the environment