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    Help something in sulcata nose
  2. MillerJ

    New night box pics

    Finally got my nightbox done. Mostly worked of Tom's design, with a few modifications. Now I just have to convince Sheldon(adult Leppard) that he should still be eating breakfast even if he can nom grass all day.Day one by MillerJ posted Jun 7, 2019 at 5:11 PMDay one pt2 by MillerJ posted Jun 7...
  3. Mike05

    Sulcata Finally Laid Eggs

    Hey there all. So I have posted here once before. I mainly lurk over in the red foot forums. I have had a male sulcata for 20+ years probably. This past January a friend of mine gave me one of his female sulcatas. My friend had his females separated from his males for the winter but all during...
  4. queen koopa

    My tortoise took a few bites of Lantana, tortoise table said toxic.

    last time I listen to my dad about plants. He said ot was bougainvillea. Looked it up, its not. Is there a way to flush out of her system? Like watermelon or cucumber?
  5. P

    Hello from Upper Michigan Leopard Pardalis Pardalis

    LOVE this forum - Took over care of four Leopard Pardalis Pardalis Tortoises recently. Poor things were kept in an aquarium with chicken feed for substrate and pet store water dish, fed solely romaine lettuce. New enclosure planned -Hubby working on large covered enclosure. I have cypress...
  6. g4mobile

    Burmese Star Baby - Thriving in a Humid Enclosure

    I purchased a Burmese Star Tortoise from @Tom recently and she/he is really thriving in a humid environment. I am maintaining 88 degree ambient temps with 95 degree basking spot. I have a hide on the cool side of the cage that stays around 80 degrees. Night temps never drop below 80F...
  7. g4mobile

    Tom: AKA: "Captain Knowledge" Review

    I recently purchased a Burmese Star Tortoise from Tom (AKA: Captain Knowledge). He is a very well respected member here at Tortoise Forum. Tom and I were discussing several different species of tortoise before making my decision to go with a Burmese Star. He and I were initially discussing the...
  8. T

    Is my Tortoise healthy Hi, I'm very new to tortoises, could anyone tell me if my tortoise is showing any signs of health problems? He's under a year old, his shell is growing pretty smoothly, he's active, eats well, has hard shell, he's responsive to movement so must have...
  9. cheerios586

    I think Yoshi (RT) is ill? I'M WORRIED

    Hi everyone, I posted recently explaining our situation, after changing everything, heat, soaking, etc. Now she's not eating, at least not yesterday, and the day before I could only get her to eat a few bites of butternut squash which is unusual since that is her favorite. She has been...
  10. xavi

    From Mallorca (Balearic Islands) Europe.

    Good afternoon!! First of all I want you to excuse the many "kicks" I'm going to give to the English language, which is not my native language. I want to thank all the people who share their knowledge about turtles and help with their knowledge a "novice" like me. Last month I bought 5...