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    UPDATED - Want to Re-Home Russian Tortoises, their names are Sleepo and Turner.

    Basic care requirements: need to be fed a variety of wild weeds, grasses, broadleaf weeds. They need a good variety calcium rich diet, I usually feed mine Monday through fri then I don’t feed them on the weekends. There enclosure needs to be 8x4 feet or larger per tort they can be housed outside...
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    Looking into Re-homing options for a 3 year old female Russian.

    When I bought my tortoise from PetSmart, I was 19 and stupid... I have since been browsing this forum for a while, looking into ways to better care for her. Over the years, I've gotten better at tortoise care, though I'm not sure if it's enough. At the moment, I have her in a 3X4 indoor...
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    Re-homing Tortoises

    Hello! I have an eight year old Russian tortoise who I have had for about four years. When I got her, I used the instructions provided by Petsmart, which I have since discovered are unhealthy and inadequate for Russian tortoises. After reading many posts on this forum, I've realized that I do...