1. For Love of Everything Shell

    Posting for a free tortoise in need of rehoming on “Nextdoor” app 💔

    I just found this advertisement for a “free tortoise needing rehoming”. I asked the lady to pull her ad, and to list the little fella(s ?) on this forum and ... I provided her the website and my cell phone. Just in case... I hope she contacts me back and I hope to help guide her to one of the...
  2. S

    My Russian Tortoise won't eat or move..

    Hi everyone! I posted a few weeks ago about my Russian Tortoise Nahiri and how she wouldn't eat and was very active, running around her table. Some people suggested that she was trying to lay eggs. Others said she may have parasites. I took her to the vet and she had intestinal parasites and...
  3. MaxisMYtortoise


    Okay so I just bathed Max for the first ever time alone and the water was too deep (not by too much) and I noticed a few bubbles so I immediately took him out and tried blowing in/near his nostrils (I now know a bad mistake) so I took out a bunch of water and checked on him so much. I eventually...
  4. L

    Help?! Tortoise Mating With Log?!

    So my adult redfoot is, at this moment, trying to mate with his log I think. He's making these low pitched almost quacking noises and lifts his leg to hump the log about every 30 seconds. Should I stop this? Should I let him continue??? Thanks in advance! (Also he's on two legs, his front...