picky eater

  1. S

    Any tips for new reptile tortoise owner?

    Hello everyone! :) About a year ago my dad came home with 4 tortoises, 3 Sulcatas and 1 (baby) Homopus Areolatus (Padloper). The Padloper fell into my care a few months after that day. I finally got a job, so it was about time I started focusing hard on helping the little bugger not only...
  2. J

    Picky eater all of a sudden, advice welcome.

    I have a 6 year old, male, horsefield. A couple of weeks ago he decided to become extremely picky eating only banana and apple, we found this out through experimenting with different foods. We've also tried finely chopping and mixing foods together but he'll not touch it. This seems so strange...
  3. harrythetortoise

    My tortoise doesn't seem to like weeds so much...

    I recently started introducing Harry weeds from outside (chemical-free), such as: dandelions, violets, plantain, deadnettle, chickweed. He is about 7-8 months. He LOVES the flowers of dandelions and violets, but nibbles at the others and goes back to his hide or to bask. I got him in Dec of...
  4. M

    Help my picky eater.

    I feel like I constantly post about my Russian tourtise. I spoil the crap out of him, and in turn he really walks all over me. At first I thought his issues with food were something internal or just wrong. He stopped eating all forms of lettuce, or anything leafy, and would only eat squash...
  5. AllieKat1997

    How I Cured my Picky Eater

    So I have a golden Greek tortoise and we, unfortunately, have to substitute a little bit of his food with store-bought food. Which is how my problem started - Lumos got addicted to Romain Lettuce. *Face Palm* I tried everything - straight up removing the lettuce: he wouldn’t eat, and on day four...
  6. G

    Became a picky eater

    I have had my desert tortoise for 25 years. This year she will no longer eat lettuce but will eat grapes. She has become very picky. Does any body have any ideas.?
  7. D

    EXTREMELY Picky Box Turtle. Will not eat any greens.

    I recently inherited a (what I believe to be) ornate box turtle. I've read that their diet should be pretty much 50/50 greens and protein. He goes nuts for some worms, but won't touch any greens. I feel like I've tried absolutely everything. I didn't feed him for a few days and then offered him...
  8. T

    Picky Russian Tortoise

    So I have had my tortoise for a while now and in the beginning I only fed it lettuce, when I tried to feed it dandelion leaves or fruits all it would eat are apples and lettuce, is there a way I can get it to eat more? it also has brown around its mouth.
  9. Alice123

    Picky eaters

    My Russian tortoise is a picky eater he only wants to eat is radicchio and Endive and won't eat his dark leafy greens until that's gone is it's okay should I be adding something to make sure his diet is correct