1. J

    Horsfield outdoor enclosure

    Hello, I've had a male horsfield for a couple of years and he's doing great. This summer we increased the size of his outdoor pen and we are debating on getting 3 females. Would this be big enough? All plants are edible and there are 3 total caves for hiding
  2. alcws0107

    FREE outdoor tortoise enclosure Chillicothe IL to whomever wants to come remove F

    Outdoor tortoise enclosure 6x7. Enclosure is covered to ensure safety from predatory birds. Plants are to stay here. Note it is sunk into the ground(as tortoises dig!) so digging will be involved to remove. Free to anyone who wants to remove it and transport.
  3. Sean.k

    Starting my Sulcata Pen

    After doing some browsing I am still having some questions on landscaping for my Sulcata's pen, he is a baby and I have him in his 50 Gallon tank which he seems happy in but I really want to get working on his outdoor area. first off I want a tree, the tree in the picture is a willow...
  4. Carolina Vivariums

    Outdoor Sulcata Enclosure (Built for COLD weather)

    I am currently in the process of building my male sulcata his outdoor permanent enclosure. Here is part 1 of the build that I posted on my youtube channel! If you have any advice or tips as I finish please let me know and I will post part two and pics once its done!
  5. Rusky

    Making decor from outdoors safe

    So this actually isn't for a tortoise enclosure, but it could still apply for one. I'm hoping to make a bioactive terrarium for a salamander. My question is, how can you make leaf litter, moss or fallen branches from outdoors safe for reptiles/amphibians? It will be bioactive, so I guess it...