not eating much

  1. A

    Attacked by bearded dragon

    Baby tortoise I got handed to me.It was attacked be bearded dragon then stopped eating...I told them stop and I'll be over to get it.
  2. SleepingYuuki

    My tortoise seems super lathargic lately. Dont know what to do

    So normal Wilson wanders around my office room all day with a little ramping in and out of his enclosure but as of lately. He's just been going into sleep all day. Barely Eatting and idk if he drinks. I give him baths every few days and soak him otherwise, I give him veg in morning and nights...
  3. T

    Russian Tortoise Sleeping and Not Eating

    Hello everyone! I have a Russian tortoise named Ollie. I am unsure how old he is, but I have had him for about four years now. Recently (for the past few months), my sister has been taking care of him. I have noticed in the past few weeks (probably around 5-6 weeks) that he has been sleeping a...
  4. S

    My baby Leopard Tortoise is very sick and I don't know what it is!

    hello, I purchased a baby leopard tortoise about a year ago, and he or she still hasnt grown much, seems to be always dehydrated, has symptoms of MBD (malleable shell and lathargicness) which I'm trying to treat, but I reecently got back from vacation and found its eyelids and skin on its front...
  5. libbydarko

    I'm new to the community and I need some help with my tortoise!

    Hi! I had just purchased a tortoise at Pet Smart about a week ago. They had told me that he was a “testudo tortoise” and upon more research I guess there’s different kinds of Testudo tortoises. I wanted to figure out which one mine is exactly so I can care for him properly. He isn’t eating very...
  6. B

    Tortoise just eating tortoise diet

    Hi i have a red foot tortoise that will just eat tortoise diet if i give him/she tortoise diet he/she will not eat his/she greens what should i do to get him/she to eat his/she greens or she/him is ok to eat tortoise diet
  7. B

    Worried first time owners (11 month Horsfield)

    Hello guys. I bought my fiancee and I a Horsfield at the start of the year (it was via and we've called him Peewee. When we got him, he came with a tortoise table, a lamp with a combination UVA/UVB bulb, bedding (I think it was aspen) and the food bowls etc. (I've...