1. Alissa Manning

    Elvis & Elsa the marginated tortoises

    Hello my name is Alissa and I have 2 beautiful, 5 year old Marginated Tortoises Elvis and Elsa. Before purchasing them I built my own tortoises table and did intense research so I could be prepared for anything. The only thing I am unable to identify is the difference between Female and Male...
  2. M

    Food Marginated tortoise hatchling

    Looking for advice on my first tortoise. He’s a 4 month old marginated. I’ve done lots of research and I want to do a really good job. I’ve found conflicting info on feeding. He is captive bred which I really sought out and his breeder said to stick with romaine lettuce, kale, and very little...
  3. A

    Fake or real plants?

    I am looking to decorate a marginated tortoise tank. I do not have one yet, just getting it set up. For the plants: -Do they mistake the fake plants for real ones and try to eat them? -I was thinking of having both fake and real ones in the cage. Will they get confused on which ones they can...
  4. A

    Marginated and hibernation

    General question about the Marginated tortoise and the hibernation period. Do they need to go through hibernation/brumation? Are their any benefits for and against? After looking online, most opinions are very scattered.
  5. J

    Marginated Tortoise - Male or Female?

    Hello. I've had my tortoise about 8 years but I think she (maybe he) is about 11ish, we got her from a family friend as they were moving away. I think she is as she but I can't seem to find anything online that's clear enough to confirm so I thought I'd ask for some opinions! Attached is a...
  6. Afbhappy

    Marginated sex

    Well, I took Willard (1.5 year old marginated) in to the tort expert to see if he was a Mrs. or a Mr. The guy said with all certainty that he was a she. He showed me her tail and how short it is and the distance from here to there, so on and so forth. She also doesn't have a big indentation...
  7. georgeamis

    Spur-thighed Greek and Marginated

    I have had a spur-thighed greek tortoise (Noah) since October 2018, and he is lovely! I am considering getting another tortoise, I have read up on and researched the extra space and other considerations needed when introducing two tortoises. My question is, can Noah be joined by a marginated...
  8. C


    I am very drawn to the Marginated species and I'm researching everything I can find about them. Does anyone know why they developed the 'skirt' in the back? What is the purpose of the skirt in the wild?