1. A

    Newbie Here! Needing Identification & Advice

    hi! I'm getting this little guy in 6 days and the current owner doesnt know what species he is. I'd like to know asap so that I can properly prepare for his arrival. He is very small and will stay small due to a birth defect. I'd like to know what everyone thinks! Thank you !
  2. TestudoQ8

    New to the Tortoise World and need help identification

    Hello i just bought my first tortoise and I cant determine what kind is it? Also if possible i want to know if it a male or female? Thanks everyone
  3. A

    Please Help Identifying My Rescue Tortoise

    Hello, I recently acquired a tortoise from a friend who knew she was neglecting him
  4. Cicitina

    Help, what species?!?

    I was given all information on Hermanns tortoises along with my little guy. After a couple weeks and reading on only Hermanns I’m just realizing now he is not a Hermanns! Is he marginated or greek?!? And how old would you estimate? (Please note I have child size hands)
  5. Tokka

    Sulcata or Desert Tortoise?

    Can anyone identify this little girl? Live in AZ. We love her spunky personality. Live in an area with many roadrunners and found her in the middle of a busy road. She’s already grown 2” in a few months. Very active.
  6. churlishcurls

    Mystery Spot Under Shell?

    Double O's had a spot on her shell for at the very least the last 4 months or so. Sink photo is from 3 months ago, and the plastic tub photo is from today. The white chip is from old damage- I'm more curious about the little reddish spot on the rear acute. It looks like it's under the surface...
  7. E

    Please help ID this species...

    Hi Everybody, I need your help. We live in Paarl, South Africa. Our house borders a farm and I rescued a small tortoise from our dog - I suspect the tortoise came from the farm. We took the tortoise to our local vet and he confirmed that the tortoise did not sustain serious injuries (only...