1. DracosMum

    Humidity and temp

    Hi all. I am a new tortoise mummy and I'm obviously trying to get everything perfect. Can someone clarify what temps I need to keep my tortoise table. Basking temp Little hideaway (where he sleeps at night) Remainder of the table. Also humidity, what is best for my little 7 month horsfield...
  2. tamzsturg

    Newbie here with poorly tort:(

    Hi I’m new to this so apologies if I’m not posting this correctly! My names Tamzin, I’m 19, living in the midlands UK and have a 12 year old Horsefield tortoise named Tarquin. I go to uni but come back home pretty regularly to see my pets who live with my parents. Over the past few weeks Tarquin...
  3. E

    Tiny white bugs in my Horsefield tortoises enclosure. I think they're woodmites? Need help getting rid of them :/

    Hi, this is my first post on here so forgive me if this is the wrong category or something Before I cleaned out my Tortoises enclosure last, I noticed a few tiny round white bugs in his enclosure, and some were even crawling on him. I didn't think it was that big of a problem, probably just...
  4. Cooksmorrell

    Will he ever stop the aggression???

    I have a male and 3 female Russian tortoise. My male and female we’re fine together for six years but in the past two weeks I’ve added two additional females and ever since he has been super aggressive trying to mate. But he is nonstop biting running from one to the other so I’ve ordered a new...
  5. L

    Questions about adopting a horsefield - Urgent

    Hi i’m the proud moma of 2 Horsefield torts who are 7 and 12 and a Hermann tort who is 5. I have a lot of experience with torts however i have never dealt with rescue or mistreated torts. later this week i will be adopting a 1 and a half year old Horsefield Tortoise who has obviously been very...
  6. A

    Horsefield tortoise with crack on nose

    I have a horsefield tortoise that’s almost 2 years old. I’ve had him for just over 1 year now. I’m a first time tortoise owner but i’ve put lots of research in before purchasing him and during the time that i’ve had him however i’m still learning. I noticed a few days ago that he was starting...
  7. B

    Uk good weeds and flowers

    Hi everyone! I’m in the uk and I’m struggling for wild weeds and flowers ! I really want bolt to have all the good things he need ! If you know any weeds or flowers (other than dandelions) please let me know ! If you know any good veg I could feed him that would be great too ! I feel like I’m...
  8. R

    Gender of my Horsefield tortoise

    I have had my beautiful Horsefield tortoise for 5 years now. He/she is around 5-6 years old. Recently my tortoise (named Sheldon) has started to mount items and make squeaking noises, I’m guessing these are mating habits. We have been told that Sheldon is male (of course you can’t tell at a...
  9. J


    Any one able to point me in the right direction for what soil type/ terrain I can put down in my horse fields outdoor run and his indoor table to try and spice things up for him a little bit? Thanks!
  10. J

    Horsefield tortoises!

    Hi Guys! My 4 month old Horsefield tortoise seems unhappy? He seems to scratch at the outside of his tank a lot and when he’s in his run outside he just seems to want to get out. Does anyone know if this is because he’s bored or unhappy? And if so does anyone have any ideas on spicing his life...
  11. R

    Is my tortoise underweight?

    My Horsfield tortoise is just under 20 years old and measures 6 inches across his back from his tail to the front of his shell. I've read online that for his size he should weight around 900g to 1000g but he only weighs 523g. I feed him almost every day and most days. These days he's mostly been...
  12. J

    Horsefield, UK- when should i put outside

    I have recently adopted a tortoise, currently he is living inside but I would like to know when I can put him in an outdoor enclosure? He is fully matured. Lots of conflicting information online and I dont want to get it wrong, Many thanks 😊
  13. L

    Hibernating baby tortoise?

    So I have 2 baby horse field tortoises. The oldest is 1 and a half years old, and my youngest is 8months. I need some information on when to hibernate them for the first time and the best method. When I asked the shop I brought them from, the man told me not to hibernate them until they’re...
  14. M

    New Horsefeilds

    These two are giving me a hard time. I adopted them from a woman who had them for 20+ years took good care of them but was moving to Hawaii for her husbands job and by law could not take them. I am not new to reptiles or tortoises and expected an easy addition to my home. They've been...