1. C

    Is what I bought ok for hatchling?

    I've never owned a tortoise before, but I've done a lot of research, watched lots of youtube videos, bought all the necessary supplies, and I think that the terrarium is ready to go, but I want to be sure so nothing bad happens. I bought the Thrive Temperate Essentials Kit from PetSmart and a...
  2. C

    From hatching straight into hibernation?

    Hey, my dad's tortoises (testudo hermanni) laid nine eggs in total. Five of them already hatched a while ago while they were still in their enclosure outside. My dad put the hatchlings in his basement with the adult tortoises because he read that they are supposed to or already can hibernate in...
  3. N


    I just got the new bulbs are they gonna be to bright or will they work, they are flood bulbs but idk if they are incandescent.
  4. Baby Just Arrived

    Baby Just Arrived

    Eastern Box Turtle hatchling within minutes of arrival.
  5. lionheartHC

    When will hatchlings start to be more active?

    Hello all, I've had my Sulcata for a few months now and things are going great! He/she's growing at a steady rate and given a diet to thrive. All the parameters are spot on (heat, humidity etc) but it seems like young Duncan will only be active in the morning when he gets fed and after his daily...
  6. IMG_5099.jpg


    Western Hermann hatchling, Apulia locale
  7. K

    Is this normal behavior? (Baby sulcata)

    hey everyone, I have my baby for about a month now. He (assuming its a he) is still a literal baby. Normally once I turn out the lights at night he just goes to sleep, however tonight I noticed he was kinda just sitting there. He wasn't sleeping because his eyes were open but he wasn't moving...
  8. AgataP


    My friends keep telling me “oh Herbie is getting big !” Me: Hmmmhh he is gaining weight (we are almost at 60g), but I don’t see him bigger size wise. Till I looked at the pictures and compared them 🤣😂🐢 Herbie straight out of the box Herbie today Look at all the new growth on his shell.
  9. B

    Night time burrowing

    Good evening fellow tort parents! Since my last post my little Boomer has been thriving. I have planted a prickly pear cactus, some succulents, and grass in his enclosure. I’ve also bought a humidifier for his cage that I run during the day that keeps the humidity low 90’s to high 80’s. The temp...
  10. P

    Seeking opinions/advice on my reeves hatchling's health!

    So for some background info, "he's" fairly young (almost 2 months old) and we're just worried about him and want him to be happy and healthy. We adopted him towards the end of August, and the day we brought him home he seemed quite inquisitive and energic and he ate all of his food...
  11. M

    Artificial UV or Daily Sunning?

    Hi all, When I first set up my tortoise enclosure I put in a Zilla slimline fluorescent tube fixture. On the packaging it said it was good for a sulcata tortoise and I had read online that it was a good fixture. However after reading on this site and others from people who know much more about...
  12. E

    T.h.h “normal” hatchling weight?

    I have this beautiful hatchling that was produced by garden state tortoise & I’m wondering about normal weight gain. When I acquired her, about 6 weeks ago, she was 25g & now weighs 30g. Is this normal?
  13. CFEA5499-7FA8-4B88-8B70-D583B9CA4D3F.png


    Friend or snack?
  14. M

    Very Abnormal Shelled Sulcata Hatchling- First Post

    For as long as I can remember I’ve liked turtles and tortoises, and as a kid owned two red eared sliders. Now as a teenager I have two sulcata hatchlings, one with a very abnormal scute count, anus, and tail named uzi, and one completely healthy named panzer. Uzi has a hard time pooping usually...
  15. lionheartHC

    Sulcata hatchling losing weight?

    I've been weighing my hatchling a few times a week since I got him on 7/6/20. Since the day I brought him home he's always had a steady diet and the same routine. As of 8/6/20, he seems a lot different. He used to eat anytime I would put fresh food in his enclosure and as of lately he's eating...
  16. T

    Leopard Tortoise Hatchling 4/5 months Shell

    Hi everyone! I noticed these new spot like things on the bottom of my leopard tortoise shell and ay a couple of tiny areas on the top of the shell. I was wondering if this is normal due to shell growth or is it shell rot or some sort of sickness? I use coconut fiber substrate as suggested by a...
  17. lionheartHC

    How does my hatchlings shell look?

    Currently weighs 50 grams. :)
  18. nightoff

    Too many hatchlings...

    So I have a male and a female that I used to let forage in the backyard together. I was aware that the female had laid a couple of small clutches of eggs and knew that I might eventually have a few hatchlings. I ended up consolidating three clutches together because one clutch was in her hide...
  19. jjaymeza

    Yellowfoot tortoise breeder

    Hey guys I’m looking for a reputable Yellowfoot tortoise breeder I really want some hatchlings. Thank you so much in advanced
  20. lionheartHC

    Built my dream enclosure! Tips on heating?

    I just finished up building my enclosure with ideas I found on this forum. I’m in love with how it came out but tomorrow I’ll start with the temps and humidity. Each cubical is 6ft long, 3ft depth and 3ft in height. I’m building this for my Sulcata hatchling and to house my Russian during the...