1. Domm

    Hatchling being weird?

    Hello, My little Eastern Hermanns hatchling (4 months) is on a strict schedule and routine. He always wakes up and sleeps at the same time, his lights go on and off everyday at the same time (12 hour cycle). Tonight he randomly emerged from his hide around an hour before his light goes off for...
  2. Domm


    I have a 5 month old Eastern Hermanns Hatchling and have read several articles on here on what to feed them. There is no clear answer and most are crazy wild weeds and plants I just don't have access to. Can anyone tell me if what I am giving him is ok and enough? If anyone has suggestions on...
  3. AllieKat1997

    Live Fish Feeding Contradictory Info?

    Hello! I’m new to the turtle world (though not the tortoise world. I’ve had a tortoise for a year and a half just about and she’s fantastic) - so I decided to get a water turtle (next I’d love to get a box turtle but that’s later) anyway after my turtle came in (a common stinkpot musk turtle)...
  4. M

    baby Hermans questions !! need advice

    Hi, My baby Hermanns is 10 months old and has been doing really well I've had it almost a month now. appetite is good, starting to get more picky hah but I think that's because he knows ill feed him now. he walks around his enclosure and will climb over things in their. he's in a 2x4 tortoise...
  5. GoodnessGrace

    White stuff on rf hatchling shell... just hard water?

    Hello! I'm an experienced mammal owner, but have never cared for reptiles before. I got a redfoot hatchling (about 3 inches) last week and set up a nice 'rainforesty' enclosure (pictured) and hes got a nice little outdoor enclosure too! My problem living in Denver is how dry it is, usually...
  6. C.M.

    Sulcata hatchling uvb light fixture and bulb

    My sulcata hatchling has to be kept indoors, can someone send me a direct link (to Amazon, Petco, PetSmart, etc.) for what uvb light I should purchase for the tank? I know to get a tube light as opposed to a coil, but there are so many options out there. Please help.
  7. A

    New here! I’m getting a leopard or red foot, I have questions!

    Hey everyone, I’m about to finally get my tortoise! I have never had a tortoise before and I need some help. I’ve had many species of reptiles and amphibians, but caring for those are a bit different. I was looking to get a red foot hatchling or a leopard hatchling. I live in Illinois so the...
  8. Domm

    Enclosure Check, Substrate Turning Black?

    Hello, I have had an Eastern Hermanns Hatchling for about a week now, he is only a little over a month old. I am keeping his enclosure damp for humidity and it never drops below 65% the temp is usually 80-90 during the day and around 73F at night. I noticed pieces of the substrate are turning...
  9. A

    Hatchling soaking and diet

    I am a new owner of a little guy named Elvis. I have noticed my leopard hatchling Elvis doesn’t drink the water he soaks in. Is this normal? I have noticed that when we take him outside on the grass he eats plenty of clovers and clover flowers(which I have read are good for him), and he also...
  10. terra731993

    My new baby!!!

    I am so excited to show you guys my new baby South African Leopard Tortoise, Charlie! I won’t have her for another month of so but I cannot be more excited! Drop photos of your leopard tortoises! I want to see them all!
  11. CliffordtheredfootTORT

    Redfoot Hatchling temps

    Hey everyone I have another question for you guys about temps. So I set up a 40 gallon breeder for my hatchling I closed the top of it so it’s basically a closed chamber now should I have a cold and a hot side or should I just keep the whole tank at one temp right now the humidity is at around...
  12. Feebswhat

    Baby Hermann - is this normal?!

    Hi everyone, new here. I have 10 years reptile experience. It never had a tortoise before. I got my 10 months old Hermanns baby yesterday. Bathed straight away, he (calling him he) stomped around the enclosure right away and then ate some bristly ox and dandilion. Then burrowed and went to...
  13. CliffordtheredfootTORT

    redfoot hatchling substrate?

    Ok so I found this stuff at menards it looks exactly like coconut coir to me. My plan was to put about 4 inches of this down and then cypress multch on top for a dry layer has anyone else used this stuff before does it work is it safe? Or am I better off just buy eco earth or something like that...
  14. Dankneepowpow

    Redfoot hatchling umbilical scar

    Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and this is my first post. I have a Redfoot hatchling who I was told is about 3 weeks old, still has an egg tooth and everything. I was wondering if his umbilical scar looks normal. This is my first hatchling so a lot of this is new to me. He’s so young I’m...
  15. MadeyK

    Hatchling hermanns diet

    I have a hatchling eastern hermanns and i was wondering if anyone else feeds pellets? I have the mazuri pellets but those are huge! I do soak them but would still like a smaller one. Also what are some good wild plants you guys have come across to feed your little ones in/around Wisconsin?
  16. T

    Hatchling cant open his right eye

    Hello, last week I found a tortoise hatchling and at the begining he couldnt open his eyes, I tought it was normal for new born tortoise, but after a week he hasnt opened his right eye. I bath him almost everyday with warm water and the other eye I tried to help him open it with a ear cleaner...
  17. MadeyK

    Hatchling Hermanns tortoise humidity

    I recently got a hatchling from tortoise town and Im struggling with getting the humidity above 35% in his enclosure. I soak him for 15 minutes everyday along with dampening his bedding. I also mist down his table two/three times a day. I have his humidity gage about 6 inches off the substrate...
  18. J

    Wooden Enclosure?

    Hi All, Quick question: We have a 7 month old (approx) Russian who is very alert, curious, and a total character all around:) We want to move her into something larger, but as she is still small she is not ready for a tortoise table based on everything I have read here (thank you for the care...
  19. Isabel Casiño

    Red Foot Only Eating Grass

    I give my RF a mix of mostly fruits and greens everyday (Romaine, mango, strawberries, prickly pads, etc) with a little vitamin A sprinkled on top of it, even though I give him a reasonable amount he ignores the food and only wants to eat grass. Help me out please, have your RF’s ever don’t...
  20. S

    Hatchling Sulcata (African Spurred) in Honolulu, Hawaii

    We had an accident and our female Sulcata was a bad girl and got herself in trouble. Now we have baby Sulcatas. Please send me a PM if interested. Must be in Hawaii and have sufficient yard space. Thanks.