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  1. T

    Looking to buy!

    Hello, my girlfriend and I are fairly new to the game and are currently on the search to adopt an Egyptian tortoise from a reputable breeder. We currently live in central Alberta, Canada and are hoping to find someone who breeds or can acquire a hatchling in this country but will always accept...
  2. J

    New habitat for Sulcata

    What do you think of the setup. I chose to go with multilevel so I can get more sun upstairs and I can control the humidity better. Ramp is rubber bottom for grip and has a blackroof to absorb heat. Basement has hides and hay and lots of shade. Upstairs has greenouse roof, covered burrow with...
  3. Taylorannc

    Importing a Tortoise from the UK to Canada (As an immigrant)

    Hi All, I’m currently in the process of moving to Canada from the UK and have a horsfield tortoise that I would like to bring with me. Based on the Canadian government website it’s legally possible, however, I’m struggling to find a company willing to ship for me. Any advice or...
  4. DesireeKelly

    New Tortoise Keeper - 14 week Tortoise

    Hello! I’ve been searching info for weeks and often end up on this site so I thought I should finally join :) Our tortoise is just a baby and super adorable but the information available is inconsistent and pet stores are horrible; they nearly blinded our poor little guy with coil bulbs that...
  5. P

    Moving to Canada next year

    I have been reading all day about this. So basically I'm screwed iIcant take my little guy with me? :( Is there any way I can take him in my car with me? I would drive as many hours as necessary .it's just heartbreaking . Any ideas what can i do? Or where can I leave him? I don't know anyone...
  6. A

    Greek tort won't eat much

    I've had my Greek tort for close to 13 years now, its turning 16 in a month. I live in Canada, so the weather gets really cold at times, but at the moment it isn't super cold out yet (ranging from 15-20 degrees C). Turtle (my tort's name), has a fairly large enclosure with ReptiBark bedding. The...