beginner questions

  1. T

    Baby Leopard in Northern Utah, a few questions!

    Hello! I made a post here a few weeks back about a Russian/Herrmans/Greek enclosure but between now and then I found the Leopard Tortoise and absolutely fell in love with its colors, personality, and above all it's size! Everything about it seems to be amazing, but before I move forward I do...
  2. L

    Beginner In Need Of Advice (getting another tortoise)

    Last year I got a baby Greek Tortoise and everything necessary for him however, even after following everything I had read he still died. I still have the enclosure, substrate, etc. so I wanna get another one but I would like to know if there's anything you think I should know beforehand? I'm...
  3. EchoFrost

    Introduction - Me and Herman 🐢

    Hello lovely people of TortoiseForum! Now that I've been a tort parent for about a week and a half, I think I'm ready to introduce myself and Herman to the tort community! Herman is an adorable Eastern Hermann's tort (please correct me if I'm wrong 😛) that I purchased 10 days ago from...
  4. T

    "best" first tortoise?

    Dad I want a pet. Definitely the scariest words in the English language. So my questions for the esteemed members of this forum: What breed of small tortoise would make the best pet for a 9 y/o boy? Considering both personality and ease of care is there any breed that would be a good...
  5. L

    New tort owner with a lil Hermann's Tortoise and questions

    I was just wondering how my lil dude is doing. I got him in september and the owner told me that he was around 4 months old then. He's probably around 7 months now but is still pretty small; yet this little guy seems to have a black pit for a stomach and eats like a beast. I noticed that the...
  6. J

    Should you bake, boil or freeze loose coconut fiber substrate?

    Hello everyone, I just bought some Zoo Med eco earth loose coconut fiber substrate but i’m worried about having a mite infestation. I wanna know if others have had pleasant experiences with this substrate, or how I should clean it before adding it into the enclosure. - Thanks in advance!
  7. hazelnut_twirl15

    Baby Tortoise- how much should I feed him?

    I have bought a Horsefield Tortoise which the lady in the shop thought was about 6 months old, his shell is about 2.5 inches long, cutest little guy! Please can I get some advice on what to feed him as well as how much and how often. I've read so much info which contradicts itself, feeling very...
  8. C

    Help Planning Tank Setup For Turtle

    Hello! I might be getting a couple razorback musk turtles soon, and I have been doing some research about what they would need. I would like to give them as much space as possible so I was looking at getting the Aqueon 55 Gallon LED Aquarium Kit. But it doesn’t look like the hoods would provide...
  9. JeannetteBasil

    where to get food?

    hey! I'm about to get a sulcata and I've been doing a ton of research, but i can't find the answer to one thing. I know grass should be a huge part of their diet as well as some vegetables. Can y'all recommend a website to order some quality food to help create variety and make sure they're...
  10. torttywaffle

    New to tortoises please help!

    I am planning to get a tortoise and have an outdoor enclosure for him, however, I do not want a tortoise that will hibernate because I don't trust myself in doing so. And with an outdoor enclosure, I cannot keep it warm 24/7 so that he will not hibernate. What kind of tortoises will not...
  11. E

    Need advice about baby red foot tortoise

    Hi, I’m new to this so I don’t even know if I’m posting this question in the right place but I bought two baby (6month) red foot tortoises and a ‘beginners set up’ from my local pet shop and basically I think they didn’t give me enough information and was just misleading me and wanting to rip me...
  12. B

    Things you wish you knew before getting a tortoise

    Hi guys! :) I'm new here and I don't have any tortoises (yet!). I have been doing my research for about half a year, but I want to as knowledgable as possible before bringing a tortoise into my life. Title of the thread explains it all really. What are some things that you wish you knew...
  13. tortycher

    Beginner Questions (Humidity, Diet, Temperature, Sleep) for Hermann's

    I am a new tortoise owner. Very beginner so I have a lot of questions. I have a baby Hermann's which is about 6 months old. I've done my research but I still got confused or maybe still suffering from information overload. I have few questions: 1. Humidity - What is the right humidity for a...