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  1. B

    Slow and Steady for our future Tortoise

    Hi all! I found this forum about a month ago when I was researching into tortoise care and I've already learned a ton and love the community here. We just bought a house with a large backyard (large for Mesa, Arizona) and want to get a backyard tortoise. We are going to apply to adopt a Desert...
  2. Kadels

    Moving to Phoenix

    Sometime in the next few months, I will be moving to Phoenix from Dallas. I have a 7-year-old Sulcata - she's maybe 40 pounds? I need lots of advice and help. 1) What is the best way to move her? I am not planning to make the drive, but I will if that is what is best for her. 2) Arizona...
  3. R

    Meet Me, ReptilianEmoChild

    Hi, I'm Noah, or ReptilianEmoChild. I am from Arizona and I am in the process of adopting a desert tortoise from the Game and Fish department. I am young and new to owning reptiles so I will be perusing this site often and asking many questions if they haven't been asked already.
  4. Gianna Gamboa

    Semi-New Tortoise Owner

    Hello everyone! I just need some direction in how to help my girl. I live in Arizona and we had just moved into a new house around this time last year. It's been extremely hot lately and we've been keeping her outside until it gets over 105, then we bring her inside the house where we have a...
  5. Arizona Sulcata

    Sulcata Hatchlings - FULL YEAR Health Guarantee

    I have some beautiful, healthy Sulcata Hatchlings for sale. All my hatchlings come with a full year health guarantee. Please email me at [email protected] with your zip code for a shipping quote and feel free to ask questions, I'm happy to help! For more info visit my site at...
  6. kerrishell

    Hi y'all I'm new! Former eastern box turtle owner and enthusiast, looking for a new one.

    Hi everybody. So glad I found this forum. Thankyou for having me. I grew up in beautiful Long island, New York. Back when only twenty years ago the eastern box turtles were seemingly plentiful and you could encounter them all the time. Back then I was really into nature and animals, and I took...
  7. kalisha

    Good home for Red-Foot Tortoise (Tucson-San Francisco Area)

    Beloved 16-ish male (we were told) red-foot tortoise needs re-homing due to an overseas move to New Zealand, which does not accept reptiles. Looking for an excellent owner between the Tucson, AZ area and anywhere up the CA coast to the San Francisco area. Will deliver July-August. Must be...
  8. Colinpv

    Need some advice! (mouth injury)

    My western box turtle has these weird slits on the sides of her mouth, and when she eats they seem to bleed a little. i see no signs of mouth rot and just looked inside her mouth less than a half hour ago, but its definitely frightening. it got better with some peroxideneosporin but every time i...
  9. Stoneman

    Hey everyone! I am from Utah, United States. Just seeing who is around

    Hello, I am new around here, and I wanted to introduce myself. I have a small colony of Geochelone Elegans, and I enjoy having them, they make me happy watching them eat and move around and stuff. It is like the wind down part of my day. Feeding them by hand is the best for sure. I am...
  10. Colinpv

    Seeking good home for my sulcata

    About 6 months ago i rescued a sulcata.... well up until last night, i thought it was a desert tortoise (im clearly not knowledgeable on the subject even though i tried my best) and i have no means of creating the proper environment for this poor little guy. i sadly sunk any money i had into...
  11. Robin Tyree

    Looking for a good home for my two sulcatas in Arizona

    I've got two sulcatas that were given to me. I don't have the space or resources to properly provide for them They are two and three years old. I've had them for a year. It's too cold here for outside year round without a heated hide, and I have no way to provide them with the proper...