1. J

    UPDATED - Want to Re-Home Russian Tortoises, their names are Sleepo and Turner.

    Basic care requirements: need to be fed a variety of wild weeds, grasses, broadleaf weeds. They need a good variety calcium rich diet, I usually feed mine Monday through fri then I don’t feed them on the weekends. There enclosure needs to be 8x4 feet or larger per tort they can be housed outside...
  2. L

    ISO I am looking for hatchling or well started babies

    Hi my name is Lizzy I have a 3 year old boxie and a 1.5 year old RES I want to expand my turtle collection I already have a tank ready and have been searching online for a few weeks I was originally going to get a male gargoyle gecko for that tank but decided since I already have turtle...
  3. RachelT

    New Sulcata Help - He won’t come out

    I was just given a medium sized male Sulcata Tortoise. He’s been through quite a stressful week. He was found on a local hiking trail, likely dumped, and then brought to me. We’ve had him 3 days and for the most part he has been hiding in his heated dog igloo. It’s been a full 24 hours since...
  4. zimone94

    Looking for a juvi or adult tortoise that needs a home.

    Hi! I am looking for a tortoise that needs a home. As cute as I think hatchlings are I really want to give a home to a tort that needs it. I am in southern/central Florida on the Treasure Coast. I do have a nice sized back yard, and I have areas that can be blocked off for smaller torts.
  5. D

    Good home for mature tortoise in FL

    I am looking for an adult that needs a new home, I can provide indoor or outdoor space. Prefer a smaller breed, not a Sulcata. Maybe a Russian, Hermann, Red-footed, Greek, etc. I don't want to start from scratch with a baby and my grown children are willing to inherit a tortoise. I have some...
  6. T

    Hibernate or Overwinter - Help?

    Hello, This is my first post so bare with me! We are soon adopting a horsefield tortoise (our first tortoise). Its all been very last minute, but I've done plenty of research. However, due to the time of year (November), the tortoise has gradually stopped eating and so hasn't eaten for 2 weeks...
  7. B

    Looking for Russian tortoise near PA

    I have recently started a search for a Russian tortoise. I had one die due to medical complication a few years back. It was a very nice experiencing that short time with him. I have all the proper care materials and time for the tortoise so I’m ready to come get them any time.
  8. K

    Adopting Sulcata Advice

    My sister has finally agreed to release her Sulcata tortoise to me! Hanu is about eight years old, between 8-10 inches long. Currently, at my sister's house, she lives in a 1ft by 30 inch fish tank, she has no burrow, her substrate is red sand, about two inches deep, and they feed her only...