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    Sulcata x redfoot hybrid

    Whoa, seriously weird to see mixed species tortoises. It's creeping me out a little, LOL.
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    Re Homing Sulcata in Winter Park Florida

    Valerie, there's a baby sulcata on Craig's List in the Tampa area, I think. The guy is moving in a few days up north and wants to find a good home for his baby Master Oogway.
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    Oh, and Tom, you are the main reason I haven't been on the forum for the past 2 years. You have a response to everything that has nothing to do with you, and it's usually grumpy. Honestly, you are not very fun to hang out with.
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    Well, don't blame me for the study results. Look it up for yourself to see the exact statistics, but it definitely said numbers went up significantly for the hunting lodge road. Instead of 2%, it went up to, perhaps, 5-10%. So, I guess that would make 5-10% of hunters 'knuckle dragging morons...
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    Two adult female redfoots (north-central Florida)... must go together

    She did, I'm meeting her next weekend to get them.:<3::tort::tort::<3:
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    Seriously sick sulcata = >$3000 vet bill for feeding tube operations, X-rays, medicine, special diet, barium study, SubQ fluids, repeated out-of-town trips to the specialist, etc.... I can only imagine what vet costs would be for a giant aldabra if something like that happened. BTW, sulcata is...
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    There is a gofundme page for this guy. Lots of good things are happening for him as a result of this incident.
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    I remember that article. Certain animals had different percentages, like the fake spider was the highest. BUT, I think it was an average of 2% of the people that drove by went out of their way to hit an animal. An estimated 2% of the population falls into sociopath category. Coincidence? I...
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    Two adult female redfoots (north-central Florida)... must go together

    Ohhhhh, they are soooo sweet. I have other tortoises, but spread out over 10 acres in various tortie yards and gardens. I have a large outdoor enclosure that is isolated from the other areas. They could live happily there. Would just have to possibly do shoe and hand disinfect upon leaving, but...
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    Finding home for stanley

    In a new enclosure with different temps and lighting??? maybe he thinks he's supposed to be hibernating.
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    How do I help my Turtle?!

    Where do you live? She sure would enjoy some serious outside time. Diggin' in the dirt, baskin' in the sun....
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    Here he is.
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    Yvonne, I'm pretty sure it's an Eastern, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it. I'll take a pic tomorrow to share. He's sleeping right now, don't want to disturb him. ;)
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    Hello! Around 8pm, I was driving down State Road 72 at 55 mph, and cars in front of me swerving around a small chelonian. I pulled over thinking it was a Florida box turtle, and was going to help across the road. Imagine my surprise and delight when I picked up an :<3: East Hermann's tortoise...
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    Rescue of Aldabra giant

    OK, barbiestovall, I just sent you a PM about organizations and agencies that might be able to help, plus some other information that might be useful in securing freedom for this tortoise. Please let me know if you do not receive the message, so I can try again. Good luck. My fingers are crossed!!!