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    Any tips ! ?

    I keep hibiscus and pansies just for my tort
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    What was the silliest thing your tort or turt did?

    My Baloo likes to dig up his pot cave and then roll it around his enclosure. Bonus if he can get it under his heat bulb. 🤦‍♀️
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    Hi! What kind of tort are you rescuing?
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    Happy Birthday, Dana!!

    Thank you everyone! I love this group!
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    Beefing up Baloo

    Guess who is up to 211 grams!?!! We get to go out almost daily now, here are a few pictures.
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    Mushy Poos? (pic for reference...yay...haha)

    Did they check him for amoebas or just parasite eggs?
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    Last female Yangtze giant softshell turtle dies

    Due to the animals sheer strength, it must be done under anesthesia.
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    Beefing up Baloo

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    Beefing up Baloo

    I have a temp gun that I use every few days and every few hours whenever I change anything in the enclosure. I use the analog mostly for the humidity. Any tips for hanging tube lights in a closed chamber? Thanks!
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    Beefing up Baloo

    Hi Everyone! I’m a new Sulcata owner. I recently acquired a young Sulcata posted as “free” on Facebook. Not the best place to get a pet, I know, but as my friend put it, better than someone who knows nothing picking up this free tortoise. My 3 year old son, who ADORES turtles, helped me name...
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    Sulcata Nesting

    I would have her x-rayed to make sure she isn’t full of eggs that she cannot pass. Good luck!