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    Happy Birthday!

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    Max isn't pooping

    Well, he pooped today during his outside time, looks like the daily soaks did it. Thanks for your response.
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    Max isn't pooping

    Thanks, he probably walks nonstop for the 30 mins he’s outside.
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    Max isn't pooping

    My leapord is now about 15 months and all the sudden he stopped pooping. He was pooping every other day and now it's been 5 days without a poop, I also noticed his weight has stayed steady for about a week, when he usually averages about 6 grams a week. His enclosure temps are Daytime: 83 on...
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    I've seen a lot of people posting pics of their tortoises passing urates. I have had my Leopard since the middle of February and haven't seen him pass urates, is that a problem? Thanks.
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    Tortoise health

    What kind of bulb are you using for heat?
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    Is 80% humidity ok for Leopard with Pyramiding?

    How old is your tortoise? You are in the right range to stop the pyramiding, but make sure you don't let the temps drop below 80 degrees.
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    Things you wish you knew before getting a tortoise

    1. Buy only from a breeder directly that you are sure has raised your hatchling correctly, hatchlings raised in a dry environment will likely cause you heartache 2. Use a fully enclosed enclosure to ensure you can maintain humidity and heat 3. Get your enclosure set up and dialed in before...
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    Leopard Hatchling weight
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    Did I just sign up for something I will regret

    What is considered too hot for an ambient temperature?
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    Will someone with a leopard tortosie with no pyramiding post a picture?

    Mark, I have had Max since Feb 16th when he arrived he was 8 months and only 80 grams. I am sure that he wasn't started correctly and as you saw in the pictures he already had some pyramiding. I was worried I might have issues with hatchling failure syndrome with him, but after getting him...
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    How much soaking is too much?

    Honestly, I think once a day for the first year is plenty, assuming you have your enclosure setup correctly. If the humidity in your enclosure is over 75% it will ensure that your baby isn't getting dehydrated, and that is why you are soaking them. Also, always make sure there is fresh water...