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  1. Can You Guess Who's Who?

    Can You Guess Who's Who?

    Can you guess which new baby tortoise is which? Which is Yoshi and which is Yoda? Tell me your answers in the comments!
  2. Another new baby! Say hi to Yoshi!

    Another new baby! Say hi to Yoshi!

    This is Yoshi. He's part of the new pair of babies (Golem as the mom and Moses as the dad) born between late October or early November. He's a lively little guy who won't hesitate to smile for the camera and run around (yes he actually does run). He likes people and his favorite food is cut Mango!
  3. New Baby! Meet Yoda

    New Baby! Meet Yoda

    Yoda is one in the new pair of babies (Golem is the mom and Moses the dad) that hatched around late October/early November. He's a cute little guy with lots of attitude! He loves to take naps no matter where he is. His favorite food so far is small Millipedes.
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    ideas for enclosures?

    Maybe you could use blocks of some sort for three walls (using one wall of another structure?) and make a cover over the top from chicken/other wire that you can lift up to get in.
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    Eating Eggs

    (I have hingebacks)
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    Eating Eggs

    That's exactly what happened to me! I fed my torts boiled eggs (without the shells) and they had such bad diarea that i had to move them to another enclosure till the flies went away. I wonder what causes it...
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    Cuttlebone Question

    I live in Mozambique and don't have vets or store-brought cuttlebone readily available. We sometimes find large cuttlebones on the beach. Can I feed my tortoises cuttlebone from the beach? Is there some way I need to clean it first? Also, are there any other alternatives for culttlebone that...
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    My Cherry Heads are picky eaters. What can I do?

    One of my torts started being picky a while ago. He refused to try anything new. He was housed with another female. Instead of feeding them apart I fed them facing each other so he could see her eat. The second he saw her start (she's not picky at all) he started eating as well. I think seeing...
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    Tortoise butt!

    Shell babies taking a siesta. Cute view point huh
  10. Just Chillin...

    Just Chillin...

    Alex and his pal (soon to be introduced to you guys) relaxing under their favorite log to take a siesta. I wonder: Can tortoises snore?
  11. Golem's Shell

    Golem's Shell

    Golem was out on her daily exploration and I couldn't resist capturing the texture of her shell.
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    Baby turtles!

    Love the photos, their so cute!
  13. Say hello to Alex!

    Say hello to Alex!

    He was formerly known as Alexi until we discovered he was a boy. His curious personality and territorial nature has earned him the nickname of "Alexander the Great".
  14. Introducing Golem!

    Introducing Golem!

    She's the largest female of the bunch and enjoys exploring her enclosure. She loves all things food and will follow you around everywhere you go!
  15. Their favourite meal........CUCUMBER!

    Their favourite meal........CUCUMBER!

    One of the torts favorite food is cucumbers here's a leftover little bit.