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    Fake grass in enclosure

    Thanks Maro2Bear, i suppose coco coir is a good substrate to put outside but what happens if it rains? It’ll get soaking wet
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    Fake grass in enclosure

    Can i put fake grass at my tortoise’s outdoor enclosure? There’s real grass in half of its enclosure but also an empty spot where the grasses dont grow. So i was wondering if its okay to put fake grass in?
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    two separate outdoor enclosures?

    I have a pair of leopard tortoise that I just recently bought from the pet shop. After going through this forum, I just realized buying a pair wasn't a good choice cause I did see my tortoise tried to bite the other one. I separated them asap (two indoor enclosures) but I was wondering if the...
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    Calcium powder on face

    How do i get rid of calcium powder on my tortoise’s face? I already wet my tissue and gently wipe it but it doesn’t want to go off
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    Lifted scutes

    Thank you!!
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    Lifted scutes

    opsss yes i mean the keratin looks like its detaching from the spot. still a beginner at this sorry the terms are confusing 😥 anyways what can i do if the keratin is detaching?
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    Lifted scutes

    just recently got him from the petshop about a week ago and i noticed his scute is slightly lifted. Not too obvious but i can tell it is lifted. Is this normal? I’m suming my tortoise is a baby because it is 7cm. He gets his daily soak for 20 mins, eats well, gets his natural sunshine everyday...
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    Hello world!
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    Raised bump

    Alright thanks!!
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    Raised bump

    how can you tell he’s slightly pyramiding? But thanks for the clarification about the line in the middle!
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    Raised bump

    Hi guys, meet parsley! I just got him about a week ago. Ok but anywaysss, does anyone know why there’s a raised line bump above its head? (Second pic). Is he pyramiding? 😩
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    Feeding times

    How many times should i feed my baby leopard tortoise?
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    baby tortoise out in the sun

    is it safe to put my leopard baby tortoise (7cm) outside during the day? if not the whole day, then how many hours?. Oh, and I make sure its predator-proof when he's outside :)
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    Basking spot

    I recently got two baby leopard tortoises and the pet shop gave me a open glass table 56cm(W)x45cm(L). I know that’s very small for two tortoises 😩. The light dome for my basking lamp is 21cm with 80watt and i just realized thats very big for a very small table. Oh, and the lamp is also placed...
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    Soaking time

    Alright!! But wont the water get too cold?? How do u make sure the water stays warm for the 20 mins?