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Dec 6, 2014
Hi everyone!

So when I got my baby Hermann Phoebe in September I had done a lot of research online and reading books.
I love animals and it was important to me spent a good few months digesting all the info I'd read and deciding if I could provide my baby with a happy and healthy life BEFORE I got her, so please know that it was absolutely not a hasty decision! I just want you to know that before I continue :)

I got Phoebe from an excellent breeder with lots of experience who is always happy to stay in touch and share any advice and answer any of my questions (would recommend him), however, this one is especially important and as I have just discovered this forum I'd love to hear as many opinions as possible to make sure I'm making a well informed decision as at the end of the day my Phoebe is the most important and I always want to do what is best for her :)

So enough babbling and on with the question...
When I bought Phoebe I was adamant that I was only going to get one tortoise because all of the info I'd read suggested they are happier alone. So when her breeder suggested getting two I didn't even really consider it and to be honest I was also wary that this may just be a sales tactic anyway.

So what are everyone's thoughts? Would Phoebe be annoyed having to share her home with another tortoise OR would she be thrilled to have a companion?

(I will also add that if I were to get another tortoise it would be the same age and species and I would be going back to the same breeder)

Thank you for your time!


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Aug 15, 2008
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Tortoises are and always will be loners, another tortoise is usually viewed as something to fight or to mate with, often times both. They will be rivals for food, even if you provide an abundance, they will fih


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Feb 11, 2014
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tortoise's are loner and solitary creatures only coming together to breed not socialize

please don't make the mistake of putting human emotion's on a tortoise it in no way shape or form want's a friend, needs a friend or even cares that it's by it's self.

and you are very much correct when you said the breeder telling you to get two is just a sales tactic


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Jan 9, 2010
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Any hermanni breeder suggesting you keep a pair is suspect in my opinion.

Tortoises should not be kept in pairs.
Dec 6, 2014
Well it looks like there isn't even a decision to be made!

Please know I'm so happy with just the one tortoise, but would have bought another if it were to benefit Phoebe (I was worried she was lonely - clearly not the case!). As it is very clear that the best thing to do for her is keep her as a lone tortoise that is definitely what I will do!

Looks like I will just have to focus all the time and money on Phoebe instead - Perhaps I will extend her table and get a growing kit to get more variety into her diet! :) Any other suggestions on how I can improve her quality of life are very much appreciated and will be taken on board!

Also, a big thank you everyone who replied; your advice is so invaluable to me and other new tortoise owners.


Sep 25, 2014
I made the mistake of buying them in pairs because i thought they would need company. I was wrong, one became more dominant and kept biting the other one and shell bashing. I thought it was playing.... it wasnt. I had to seperate and found someone to take her immediately (someone who would give her a good home). It was heart breaking but for the best.

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