Working solution for a hatchling closed chamber


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Hello all,
I have been looking for a solution to keep the baby Herbie in a nice humid and warm environment. I did not like the idea of closing the box with a lid and calling it good.
Since my little guy is getting bigger and I am adding upgrades to the actual indoor enclosure I found a solution that is affordable and works for a little hatchling.
The enclosure keeps it humidity in 80's pretty evenly ( I also put a jar filled with water behind the box), and the temperature with 65W light bulb for basking keeps temp in 80-90s basking spots are from 90-110 he picks 92 every time :) must be the sweet spot. At night I have a CHE (60 W) that is on and its 80-86 - today my thermostat arrives.
This is not a long term solution but it works, specially if you need it quick before you can come up with anything else.

I ordered this "greenhouse" from amazon . It is called Topline Outdoor Mini Garden Greenhouse with Zipper Openings - 47 Inch it is 27.99$ in USA.

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 1.59.10 PM.png

And here is what it looks like on the table with Herbie inside.


Hope this helps if anyone needs something ASAP.


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