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Hi everyone!

I got my baby sulcata Kiwi 2 months ago and she has been doing great. The Although I am happy with her activity and diet, there is one thing that I'm not exactly proud about. When I first got Kiwi, the tortoise rescuer said you just need a plastic container, a heating pad, some rocks, a hide box, and a UV lamp. Some of this is correct, but they need a larger space than a tupperware container, a better source of heat, and a safe UV lamp that won't hurt their eyes. They also need humidity and some sort of mazuri pellet, but I was not told this either. Anyways, I am now looking for an update to her tiny enclosure. So far I have 3 options: #1 is a custom built enclosure made out of wood or plexiglass with a UV and basking bulb inside. #2 is a Animal Plastics terrestrial cage: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hbXxLXT0nvsUGya-0aItJ8Seg0ni6Bc6I9URBdPdvZo/edit. #3 is a raised garden bed that I could put inside, with a UV lamp and basking bulb inside it: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0055FSKPW/?tag=exoticpetnetw-20. I just wanted to see what the community would say about this and honestly I'm kind of leaning towards the raised bed because it seems a little more open and could fit better in my room. Whichever one I get, I just want little Kiwi to grow up great and happy! :tort::tort:🐢


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from my personal experience I would go with #2 or #3. Don't get a wooden enclosure if you expect to have any humidity, which you will because Kiwi is a baby.

Not sure how large your animal plastics cage will be (can't open google doc) but there is an option to always expand on the raised garden bed (putting two together) if you ever need more room for your tort. the thing is that your tort is going to grow significantly so I would go with something quite temporary for indoor only. when they get older and larger they should probably be outside most of the time with a heated nightbox in your area.


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Animal Plastics is a good company with a good product. The problem is that it can take months to get the enclosure.

We have a member here who builds and sells enclosures that are fabulous. They come with all fixtures in already, and the enclosure is "smart". You can probably have it delivered in a couple weeks. I think they are also less expensive than AP's, or close to the same. PM him for info. @Markw84 They really are wonderful enclosures.

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