Tortoise very sick pls help


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Baby Sulcata tortoise not moving, not eating, not drinking, eyes are closed, and not poop nor pee. He seems dead but when I pick him up he moves a little. He has a basking lamp but when I put him under it he just stays there all day not moving even when it feels too hot for him. I spray his enclosure every day because I thought he needed more humidity so his eyes would open. I soak him daily in warm water and he does open his eyes a little bit, but then I take him out and dry him he closes them again. I've only had him for around a week and he seems very sick. Pls help :(


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Sounds like this one is too far gone.

Most breeders don't start this species correctly. Much too dry. Most sellers don't care for them correctly and then tell the buyers how to care for them incorrectly too.

Here is the correct care info. The best you can do is get him set up correctly withe the right temps and humidity and then hope. Read through this:

When they are started poorly to begin with, there is not much you can do. No vet can save them, and the things vets do usually make it worse. Here is what typically is going on, and this also explains why vets misdiagnose the problem and can't do anything about it, despite charging you hundreds of dollars.

If this one doesn't make it, we can help you find a correctly started one that will.


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I am sorry you are going through this. Heartbreaking


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You cannot go by "feel" with reptiles - you must know the exact temperatures and other climatic parameters inside the enclosure.

Please read this care sheet and make the proper adjustments to your care:

If you have follow-up questions, post them to this thread so people can follow along and help you.

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Like has been said above, get the correct equipment and make sure your husbandry is right. Besides keeping the tortoise in the correct environment you can get some nutrients into him and try to save him by faithfully following this regimen: (you can find the article in the Frequently Asked Quesitions section)

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