Tortoise Night Box- Pic Heavy


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Jun 21, 2013
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So I took the advice of a few members here and decided to attempt a night box for my Leopard. I updated some pics in another thread, but I'll post them here as well. I am not handy in the slightest, nor is my husband, but we made this work!! I have never been more proud of a project before. Yes, some of it is pieced together and over caulked, but that's due to Home Depot not being able to measure properly, and a few places were out lack of saw skills. (I needed to be able to fit the wood in my car. Broke down and rented a truck for the rest of the wood I needed out of annoyance). The heater and thermostat will be here Monday and I'll keep an eye on the temps a few days before putting my girl in there JUST in case. Hope this helps any non-handy people out there. I used Team Gomberg's design which she based off of Tom's design. Since the last picture, it has been weather stripped under the lid. I plan to paint the outside eventually, but I used pressure treated wood out there (not on the inside) and wasn't aware it couldn't be painted immediately. I'm a newbie to all of the building. Usually I give my dad designs and he nudges me out of the way to build it himself. He took no part in this one. Over all measurements on the inside are close to 4ft by 2 ft. The right side it where I'll block the heater off. Debating putting something on the bottom so I can throw some dirt in there to keep my wood from rotting, but not sure what just yet. IMAG3316.jpg IMAG3323.jpg IMAG3324.jpg IMAG3329.jpg IMAG3330.jpg IMAG3333.jpg IMAG3334.jpg IMAG3335.jpg IMAG3337.jpg IMAG3338.jpg IMAG3339.jpg IMAG3345.jpg IMAG3346.jpg IMAG3347.jpg IMAG3349.jpg