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Ed mitch

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Sep 24, 2016
I was wondering whether a member who's been on here for a few years would be able to say what the the torotise forum is all about and how we help people and learn new things everyday. It is a project I'm doing for school as many people don't have reptiles, and I need to teach people about them, thanks !:)

Grandpa Turtle 144

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Apr 3, 2013
Well Ed
I find it's a great place for people , who love turtles and torts from all over the world . And people can talk to them about it . And they are great people that will try to help anybody with just about any problem all most 24 hours a day for no cost ( in a time where everything costs money ) just out of the goodness of their hearts . I would love to have them tell you some of The questions people have asked over the years . And don't forget it's free to join . Well Ed that's the best I can do for you . And I've enjoyed all my time here with the TFO !!!


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Sep 6, 2011
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Chicago, Illinois, USA
The forum is all about tortoise and turtle enthusiast from all over the world having one place to connect with other tortoise and turtle lovers.
It's for learning how to properly care for a tortoise or turtle. Sharing any experiences, photos, tragedy, even other animals a member might want to share. A place to find a good breeder and get great started animals.
It's a community that will help you, support you, joke and laugh with you and give a internet hug too if needed. A place you can talk about almost anything and get different opinions. A place you can show your love for your animal of any kind and know that everyone understands and is not thinking your weird.
It's a great place to meet new friends, that sometimes you get to meet in person or even talk with over the phone.
It's a great place, filled with great animal loving members, that sometimes argue, like any over sized family would.

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