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Beverly Edick

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Jan 27, 2021
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I bought "Grassland tortoise food" pellets. My Sulcata tortoise loves them, but no instructions as to how much I should be feeding him. He gets a variety of food but since starting these pellets, he's gotten fussy about eating his greens. How much is too much? He only weighs a little over 1 pound. Very active and finally growing with the correct lighting etc., thanks to my son helping me and this forum.

Kapidolo Farms

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Nov 7, 2012
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Well, the good news is, if your tortoise is going to be 'stuck' on a food, you picked the best one.

I moisten them and mix them in with other foods, every other day, and use Bermuda, orchard, or timothy, pellets on alternate days between the zoomed.

Those other foods are a wide range of grocery greens and a little bit of grated squash, sweet potato, and opuntia cactus pad.

At ZooMed they have a 'test' kitchen/rearing program. I have seen a few species that only ate their pellets, and frankly they look great.

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