"Star" Laid another Egg


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Aug 7, 2018
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Lindstrom, MN
Hi All,

My Indian Star "Star" laid 4 eggs on March 10th. Well... She just laid another egg, almost a month later? It looks like she dug a little hole, laid the egg, and then did NOT bury it. From what I've read, they are usually not fertile? So that would make a total of 5 eggs. 3 are chalking over, so that's a good sign. This is her first time laying eggs. I am assuming that is not normal to wait a month and lay another egg? Any thoughts?

Also, since I have your attention, I also have 2 juvenile Indian Stars that have turned out to be male. So, I have 3:1. For Indian Stars, having 3 males, is that a bad thing? I have an L shaped Vivarium setup for winter. One side is 8x3, with the other side 6x3. I live in MN so when it is warm enough for them (Usually late June, July August and sometimes, Sept), I have a big outside enclosure for them. My concern is, is that too many males? I was wondering if I should sell one, or try to trade a male for a female, so at least it would be 2:2, or should I sell or trade both juvenile males, and try to get 2 females, so the ratio would be 1:3?

I let the juvenile males integrate with the two adults during the day for a while, and there seems to be "ganging" up on the female, and the males seem to care less about each other, but my concern is when they reach full adulthood.

I appreciate your time in answering my questions. Thank you. Happy Easter for those who celebrate it!

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