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May 22, 2020
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Madison, wisconsin
Hello guys, i m about to get a hatchling hermann tortoise and i have an idea to build an enclosure on budget and saving place since i live in a small apartment. The dimension of the enclosure is 2 by 4 f. The build consist of 3 areas, basking place, grazing place, and sleeping place. Each place has its own temperature and humidity percentage from high to low. I am not quite done with the enclosure since i have to put some coco liner on the enclosure's walls, a uvb tube, and a small pc fan for air circulation, but i have the basic tortoise needs to get ready to get her on tuesday next week. Here are some pictures of the build, i hope if you guys can give me some advice if i miss anything for my hatchling tortoise.

20200606_103208.jpg FB_IMG_1591463481924.jpg FB_IMG_1591463473767.jpg 20200607_165257.jpg 20200613_163044.jpg 20200613_163042.jpg 20200613_163038.jpg 20200613_163042.jpg 20200613_163022.jpg

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