Please help me (neurological???)


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Jun 6, 2020
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hello everyone.

I have a 10ish year old yellow bellied slider and lately it started acting weirdly.

A few days ago (a week maybe? I'm bad with timing) I put an earphone piece in front of his face (it was in the lowest volume) just so I could see how he'd react to music and then he leaned over to grab it with his mouth. He opened his mouth but it was like he couldn't reach it and his two front legs were twitching really bad. When I removed the earphone piece he stopped. I put a rubber in front of his face and he did the same. needless to say that it broke my heart and I started crying. An hour or two later though he not only came back to normal but he started eating and had a massive appetite. I was relieved.
But it was started again. Today he couldn't move his two back legs. they are a bit shaky and when I touch then he doesn't take them back as he usually does. Sometimes he can move then and they go back to normal but seconds later they start shaking just a tiny bit and kind of unresponsive.
I literally don't know what to do. I'm not out of my home yet and my mom doesn't let me take him to a vet. please, please help me. I feel like it's something to do with his nervous system and I don't want to affect in any way his heart.
Thank you in advance.
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