Pancake Tortoises

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Pancake tortoises Malacochersus tornieri hatched January/February 2018. From wild caught adults, so these neonates are F1. The individual with the white dot on a rear marginal (facing left) is from a separate breeding group than the other three. They are all 2 -3/4 inches to 2-7/8 inches long. $450 each including shipping.


My price includes a $50 flat shipping cost, more than one tortoise in a shipment means those more tortoises are $50 less each. I will pack them separately so no mixing occurs if you decide to buy more than one species. Look at other ads here on TFO or at Kapidolo Farms on Facebook. I prefer to ship on a Monday or Tuesday to offer as many work days as possible to resolve any potential shipping issue. I seek to ship on days, where my location, the carrier's HUB, and your location have low temperatures no less than 50F or more than 90F. I use ample insulation to ensure as stable a temp as possible for the tortoise while shipping. All tortoises are shipped FedEx overnight Priority with 'Reptiles 2 You', I followed Debbie - best in customer service.

All tortoises ship with a sample of one of Kapidolo Farms tortoise foods, Cactus Chips, USDA certified Moringa, Alfalfa, Plantain, Hibiscus Blossoms, or Mulberry. If you don't choose I'll send a random choice. All these food items can be purchased in ½ pound portions, see ad.

Live arrival guarantee: I have maintained all tortoises sold from Kapidolo Farms long enough to know they are thriving, eating-pooping and show active growth. I guarantee live arrival. You must be present to receive the tortoise(s) on first delivery attempt or within one hour of arrival for FedEx ship center pick-up. Any concern must be addressed right away, within an hour. Life time follow-up five minutes, days, weeks, or years is always available.

I have friends that don't want to deal with selling, so I partner with them on a tortoise by tortoise basis, I say “no” to non-robust animal offers. Three of these pancake tortoises come from Jill W. The white dot individual come from Diana G. They are robust.

To buy contact Will Espenshade, Biologist at [email protected]
Kapidolo Frams, All Tortoise – All the Time
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