overstocked inventory thread for anybody to use...


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I'm always open for helping new tortoise owners or anyone without the correct supplies, etc.
If you are in south Florida, or will be.
I have several older T8 18" 5.0 UVB florescent fixtures in perfect working order.
These are not the newer T5 type. But that's why I'm not using them anymore. They are still very capable lights.
I also have some other assorted supplies for keeping smaller tortoises indoors. Something I no longer do.
You're welcome to dig through that box and take what you need.
Again, this is local pickup only.
South Florida 33322


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Not a joke. I have some really nice sedimentary stones that originate here in the Pennsylvania / Maryland Appalachian mountain “area”. Nice smooth shapes, pretty flat too. Perfect for folks who want some flat REAL stones in their enclosures, but don’t like the look of “Home Depot” slate tiles. I hate ditching stuff like this, especially when I know there is probably a TFO member from “the city” purchasing stones!

I can follow-up with some pix. You only pay for shipping - stones are free!


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FREE MAZURI near Chicago!

At the beginning of the virus scare when grocery stores were out of food, I ordered a 25 pound bag of Mazuri LS in case I was unable to get fresh food for my tortoises. They wouldn't touch it, and luckily the grocery stores were able to keep enough fresh food stocked. So... I have a barely-used 25 pound bag that I would like to give to someone who can use it. The only problem with it is that it's been opened since March, and the outside of the bag has some mud splatter because my dogs shake the mud off when they come into my kitchen from the back yard.

I am located in Highland Park, IL.

This is the exact product:

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