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Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I posted here. Hi Tom!

Anyways, we moved to the Central Valley in California about 2 years ago and I now have new weeds to identify. This winter, I was blessed with a plush spread of green weeds growing through my yard...COMPLETELY different from the ones that grew last winter. Anyways, these look more edible but I still want to ID them before I transplant some into my tortoise enclosure. Hoppy's finally big enough to go in the yard unattended this year and I'd love for him to wander around snacking. Thankfully, none of these have milky substances when broken off. Note, some of these weeds are still growing, though most have been there for a few weeks now and still less than 6 inches tall.

If anyone can help I'd be so grateful! Thank you in advance!


1. A few have gotten pretty tall, like several inches high, but most are about 3-4 inches. Super soft and breaks off easily. No hairs on either side. Variant of dandelion? Lettuce?

2. Growing very plush in clusters. Super soft. Hairs on the back through the entire length of the blade. Ryegrass?

3. This one's weird. It's super short, mostly less than 1 inch. VERY dense clusters. The blades are very round and plump, almost like a mini succulent.

4. I think this might be an older version of #3

5 and 6 are the same plant: Leaves have hair on both sides. Flowers have tiny purple buds with 4 white petals. And at the top near the flowers are 4 flat shiny leaves that look like hearts/butterflies (it's showing up blurry on the photo)


7. Small, short, growing in rather large clumps/patches. Looks like cilantro/parsley.

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It would be easier for us to I.D. if we could see the plant growing in the ground.


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Yvonne is correct.

The last photo could be filaree, hard to say.

The one above that with the heart shapes is definitely sheperd’s purse. It’s in the brassica family/safe in moderation.

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