My Pink Belly has a swollen arm.


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Going to the vet, being examined, x-rayed, bandaged...just over-handled in general: puppies and kittens bounce right back, reptiles not so much. The bandage hampers her natural movements, and there is no doubt pain when she moves her head/neck.

Offer the yummiest things you can think of...cooked shrimp, fish, scallops, snails...crickets...and any dark green leaves (chicories, curly endive). If you can find dried hibiscus flowers in a "health food" shop, soak them in warm water to get the sweet, tangy flavor going.

Keep her room quiet and check on her from a doorway so that she can get all of her "YIKES!" systems back to low settings.
Thank you, I agree.
We are doing our best to keep her comfortable and I’m going out today to get her some treats. When we bought her we wasn’t advised of all these things she could eat so it’s great to know. Thank you

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