Lost Hermann - Advice Needed Please


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Sep 17, 2016
I'm hoping someone can offer advice as we have lost our little Hermann in the garden, "Jake" who is 3 yrs old and only slightly bigger than the palm of my hand. Hes been missing over 36 hours.
We keep him indoors in a pen with a heat lamp on timer, but seeing that it was a hot sunny day I thought he would enjoy some fresh air and sunshine so I placed him in a wired pen on the grass. I checked on him only one hour later and to my horror I found the metal wire on our home made pen was not completely flush to the grass, I'm so upset with myself for not checking properly when I placed it over him. The gap was just over an inch high and it seems this was enough for Jake to make good his escape.
My problem is our garden is 3/4 acre with wooded areas bordering the lawn, lots of established bushes and trees.
The good news is that the garden is fenced all the way around so he cant escape to neighbours.

I have searched and searched, we even borrowed a thermal imaging camera from the fire brigade to check the whole garden and we still haven't found him. He has buried himself before and I'm presuming this is what he's done now and thats why the camera cant locate him either.
Its almost autumn and there are lots of leaves already covering the ground within our wooded area, he could be anywhere. Will he survive? the temperature today is 13 degrees, a lot colder than two days ago and I fear he wont survive. Will he hibernate? or is it too early and is he too small?
I really don't know what to do next, any advice will be greatly appreciated. We all feel so sad, he really is one of the family.

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Feb 11, 2015
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Aug 15, 2008
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early morning is indeed the best that's when he's going to want to come out and warm yourself up from the cold night before. Put out a treat or two that he loves and cannot resist.survival should not be a problem they're pretty Hardy.

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