Is Tortimer getting uhhh... frisky? And other questions


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Oct 20, 2020
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Tortimer is 5 years old... possibly approaching 6 years old and he's around 50 lbs. He's been sleeping through the warm/hot days and coming out around late afternoon and going back in his house around dusk. So he spends around 20 hours a day in his house instead of out and about like he used to when it was colder. I've also noticed that he's been pacing around the front of his house a lot and going in and out of his house. Both things he doesn't normally do. Tonight he chose a spot further away from his heater when normally he's on the side with it. (It's all thermostat controlled to 85 degrees... I tried hotter and he wouldn't go in his house. He seems to like 80-85.) I read online that the pacing could be due to him being sexually frustrated or uncomfortable in some way. A few days ago he came up to me to pet his shell... he's never ever done that. He had me pet one side of his shell, than the other side... I pet the back of his shell and he got mad and "ran" to his house. My questions....

1. Do I need to turn down the heat for Tortimer in his house or just no longer heat it when it gets in the 80s-90s during the day?
2. Why is he pacing around so much and going in and out of his house?
3. If he is indeed... feeling frisky.... is there anything I need to provide him or make him so he's more comfortable since he doesn't have and won't have a mate?
4. Are there safe/appropriate areas to pet a tortiose and are there no- no areas?
5. He hates soaking in water, he tries to escape it as fast as possible... but he doesn't mind getting hosed when I'm watering his grass. Is there a way to convince him to hang out for his soak or is it okay not to soak him? What are alternatives?

I think those are all of my questions for now that I didn't see in the forum chat search for Sulcatas. I'm open to other things I should keep in mind.