Is This Sow Thistle Edible?

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Jun 9, 2018
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I found some weeds outside during a walk and decided to collect them. I looked at online pictures and determined that it was Sow Thistle but according to articles about feeding Sow Thistle to tortoises IMG_1528759479.795674.jpg , people have said that the “spines” should be removed before feeding it to the tortoise. The plant I found does not appear to have any spines at all. Is my identification incorrect or have I just found a spineless species? Is it even edible at all? Though you cannot see from the pictures, the sap of this plant is white. The flowers are also white, but it is currently not blooming so I cannot send a picture of that either.

IMG_1528759479.795674.jpg IMG_1528759536.722593.jpg


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Feb 17, 2016
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Perfectly safe.

You might want to throw that article away, though. I’m nervous what else wrong it might contain! :eek:

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