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Nov 23, 2019
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DC/ N.Virginia
Hi All,
Looking to find a good home for a large, male, wild-caught box turtle, preferably in the DC metropolitan area. Realizing that he is too much for my sons to care for. Had been eating okay, only worms, for the last 3 months since my kids brought him home, but stopped eating anything in the last 2 weeks. Doing everything that I've read is necessary, proper lights, heating, 30 minute soaking every other day , etc. Just don't want him to perish over the winter before we could release him back where the boys found him. Would be greatly appreciated if someone would adopt him.


Yvonne G

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Jan 23, 2008
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Clovis, CA
Hi Marty. Because the turtle is wild caught, chances are pretty good that the slow down you're noticing means he wants to brumate. Keep him warmish for the next two weeks, but don't offer any food. Give him a good soak daily. Then after two weeks, when you're sure his digestive tract is empty, box him up in SLIGHTLY moistened, dried leaves from the yard (a box he can't get out of) and place the box in a spot that will be around 40 to 45F all winter, in a nice quiet spot.

It might have been illegal for your sons to pick up the turtle and bring it home, and for sure it's illegal to place it back where you found it. If no one from the Forum takes the turtle, then try to find a wild life rescue to take it.

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