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Discussion in 'Tortoise Vet List' started by Josh, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Josh

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    Aug 15, 2007
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    Tortoise Veterinarians in Indiana
    Listed Alphabetically by City


    Brian C. Mehringer, DVM
    Avon Veterinary Clinic
    7253 East USHighway 36
    Avon, IN 46123
    Tel: (317) 272-8706

    Fort Wayne

    David E. Thoma, DVM
    St Joe Center Veterinary Hospital
    5818 Maplecrest Road
    Fort Wayne, IN 46835
    Tel: (219) 485-1602
    Tel: (219) 426-1062 emergency

    Rademaker, Lewis, Funnell, Beck
    Allen Veterinary Hospital
    5026 Decatur Road
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Tel: (260)744-4121


    Dr. Diane Kaeser
    Goshen Animal Clinic
    2806 South Main Street
    Goshen, IN 46526
    (574) 533-0535


    Dr. Clark
    VCA Valle Vista Animal Hospital
    398 South Emerson Avenue
    Greenwood, IN 46143
    Tel: (317) 882-9111


    Angela Lennox, DVM
    Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic
    9330 Waldemar Road
    Indianapolis, IN 46268
    Tel: (317) 879-8633

    Eric Frazer, DVM
    Beech Grove Animal Hospital
    4960 South Emerson Ave.
    Indianapolis, IN 46203
    Tel: (317) 783-4101
    Tel: (317) 787-6134

    Beth Ann Breitweiser, DVM
    All Wild Things
    6058 N. Keystone Ave.
    Indianapolis, IN 46220
    Tel: (317) 255-9453
    Fax: (317) 255-2613


    Laurence W. Reed, DVM
    Westchester Animal Clinic
    55 East US Highway 20
    Porter, IN 46304
    Tel: (219) 926-1194

    South Bend

    Gilmer Park Animal Clinic
    60660 U.S. 31
    South Bend, IN 46614


    Carol Dartz, DVM
    Sheri Carpentier, DVM
    Arbor View Animal Hospital
    244 West US Highway 6
    Valparaiso, IN 46385
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