Hermanns all sizes, pancakes, Redfoots and more

Jul 13, 2018
Location (City and/or State)
Boca Raton
Updated 8/15
Eastern Hermanns hatchlings-$150.00 plus shipping
Eastern Hermanns Well started hatchlings(3-4 months)-$165.00 plus shipping
Eastern Hermanns Yearlings (3.5 inch-1 yo)-$185.00 plus shipping
Redfoot hatchlings-$105.00 plus shipping
Redfoot Well started Hatchlings-$120.00 plus shipping
Redfoot Juvenile 4-5 inch male-$175.00 plus shipping
Redfoot(YELLOW COLOMBIAN LOCALE) Juvenile 4-5 inch-$250.00 plus shipping
Central American Wood turtle hatchlings-$85.00 plus shipping
Marginated hatchlings-$140.00 plus shipping
Kenyan Spek’s Hingeback-juvenile 5 inch-$450 per M/F pair, plus shipping
Adult Eastern Hermanns females (6-7 inches breeder size) $300.00
Pancakes 2018-$500.00 plus shipping, 2019-$450.00 plus shipping, 2020-$400.00 plus shipping.
Russian hatchling-$195.00 plus shipping
Indian Star hatchling-$475.00 plus shipping

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Shipping FedEx priority overnight anywhere in the continental USA.

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