Hello from George, the 6 month old horsefield tortoise.

Lyn W

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Jul 22, 2014
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George will certainly benefit from the changes you're making.
The substrate could be deeper to give him the opportunity to dig but do you know what sort of bark that is? I can't see anything on the pack. I believe some are safer than others for torts.
The dial type thermometers and hygrometers are not very reliable at tort level so you can't rely on the readings to be accurate. Amazon do a good range of probe types.
Torts don't like to be handled too much and they find change very stressful which is why they run around. Mine panics if he is put in a strange place and runs around trying to find cover, so please be aware that he may not be enjoying the holding and time out as much as you, and also be very careful of human hair on the floor because that can cause problems if ingested.

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